What’s better than having a specialist for your treatment?

When you choose Continuum Cancer Centers of New York for breast cancer treatment, you get a whole team of specialists focused on you and your care.

At Continuum, it is our priority and our passion to deliver high-quality, comprehensive medical care while maintaining our breast cancer patients’ quality of life. We emphasize a team approach to cancer treatment, which draws on the strengths of the entire healthcare team to get the best outcomes from treatment. Our goal is to allow our patients to get back to their normal lives.

If you or a loved one is diagnosed with breast cancer, a team of Continuum physicians who specialize in breast cancer will be involved in your care to find the best solutions and treatment.

Continuum’s extensive hospital network offers a wide variety of integrated cancer treatment services throughout the New York City metropolitan region.

The Continuum difference

From cancer prevention, to treatment, to post-treatment care, we’ve got you covered with a true continuum of care. We provide you the best cancer care by:

  • Combining the expertise of four of the top hospitals in New York
  • Combining the minds of many specialists for a smart team approach to care
  • Using the latest technologies and approaches
  • Focusing on outcomes and patient quality of life
  • Offering physical, emotional, and spiritual supportive services to help patients manage during and after treatment — most of which are free of charge